What Is The Best Road Cycling Helmet?


What is the best helmet for road cycling?

Best cycling helmets to buy today

  1. Kask Utopia. Keep your head cool with this lightweight cycling helmet.
  2. Oakley ARO5. Affordable pro road helmet with MiPS integration.
  3. Smith Trace. Maximum head safety and airflow.
  4. POC Octal. Best commuting helmet.
  5. Bern Union.
  6. Lazer Blade Helmet.
  7. Kask Mojito Bike Helmet.
  8. Specialized S-Works Prevail.

What is the safest road bike helmet?

Since 2011, the researchers at Virginia Tech have been providing unbiased helmet ratings to consumers that allow them to make informed decisions when purchasing different kinds of helmets. According to their tests the Lazer G1 MIPS is the safest road cycling helmet in 2021.

What is the best cycle helmet to buy?

The eight best budget cycling helmets

  • Specialized Echelon II Mips. Buy now from Jenson USA for $89.99.
  • Smith Signal Mips. Buy now from Amazon for $55.48.
  • Giro Foray. Buy now from eBay for $49.99.
  • Bontrager Solstice Mips. Buy now from eBay for $50.00.
  • Giro Agilis Mips. Buy now from Amazon for $79.94.
  • Kask Rapido.
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How much should you spend on a cycling helmet?

Go to your local bike shop, and you ‘ll see helmets prices from $40 to $300 plus.

What should I look for when buying a bike helmet?

Your helmet should allow for good all-around vision as well as protection. The upper straps should form a ‘V’ shape just beneath the ear, and with the helmet on, you should not be able to fit more than two fingers between the chin strap and your chin.

Are more expensive bike helmets safer?

First and foremost, there is no difference in safety between the $30 helmet and the $200 helmet. In order for them to be legally sold as bicycle helmets, all must meet the same safety regulations. So basically, you’re paying for two things: looks and comfort.

What helmets do professional cyclists wear?

Ekoi. Ekoi is the most commonly found helmet manufacturer in this year’s Tour de France, supporting no less than four teams representing the French brand. The AR14 is the one that most riders have opted for, with its aerodynamic design paired with small vents up-front for breathability.

Are some bike helmets safer than others?

Researchers connected with Virginia Tech have found some bicycle helmets provide more protection against concussions than others. Researchers connected with Virginia Tech have found some bicycle helmets provide more protection against concussions than others.

How much does a good helmet cost?

The average motorcycle helmet costs about $150-$500. The cheapest helmets start from as low as $50 while the most expensive models can reach a whopping $4,000. In general, a good quality motorcycle helmet costs somewhere between $200-$1,000.

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Are cheap cycle helmets safe?

You don’t need to spend a fortune on a helmet to ensure your head stays cool, comfortable and protected in the event of a crash. In fact, despite the weight penalty, budget cycling helmets can be just as safe and even better looking than some of the more premium options out there.

Do bike helmets expire?

The government testing body in the US, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), recommends replacing a bicycle helmet every five to 10 years. The Snell Memorial Foundation, which also certifies helmets for safety, states a firm five years.

Is it worth getting an expensive bike helmet?

6 Answers. No, usually expensive helmets are lighter and more comfortable because have more ventilation. So, if you plan to ride for long hours it’s better to buy the more expensive helmet that you can afford, otherwise – for short rides – a cheap helmet will do the job.

How often should I change cycling helmet?

“We make a general recommendation that you replace your helmet every three to five years depending on use and handling,” says senior brand manager Eric Richter.

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