Readers ask: What Is Meaning Of “gc” Day In Cycling?


What does GC mean in biking?

Also known as the maillot jaune, the yellow jersey is worn by the rider who is the General Classification ( GC ) leader, riding the race in the least amount of time.

What does GC mean in TDF?

GC = general classification. The riders going for the overall best time rather than individual stage wins.

What is the meaning of general classification?

Filters. The overall standings in a bicycle stage race, based on a rider’s total elapsed time in all stages of the race with the lowest time being the leader. noun.

What does Gr mean in cycling?

General classification in the Tour de France

Yellow jersey
Competition Tour de France
Awarded for Overall best time
Local name Maillot jaune (French)

What does GC stands for?

Acronym Definition
GC Gift Certificate
GC Grammar and Composition
GC General Chat (website)
GC General Convention (Episcopal Church)


What is a team rider?

In road bicycle racing, a domestique is a rider who works for the benefit of their team and leader, rather than trying to win the race. In French, domestique translates as “servant”.

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What does bunch sprint mean?

This term often refers to when riders catch up with the main pack (or peloton) of riders or those who are leading the race. Synonym of Peloton. Bunch sprint. The riders arrive near the finish in massive numbers to contest the victory and attempt to draft their sprinters in a good position to claim the victory.

How are Tour de France Times calculated?

Calculation. As of 2011, the team classification is calculated by adding the times of the three best riders of each team per stage; time bonuses and penalties are ignored.

What does gr maillot jaune mean?

masculine noun. (Cycling) yellow jersey.

How do you win general classification?

Hence, whoever wins the GC is generally regarded as the winner of the race. Riders who finish in the same group are awarded the same time, with possible subtractions due to time bonuses. Two riders are said to have finished in the same group if the gap between them is less than three seconds.

What are the three classification of sports?

There are a number of systems for classifying sports, based on different criteria.

  • Team – Individual. Team sports are practised between opposing teams, where the players interact to achieve the objective of the game.
  • Opponent – Achievement.
  • Environment.
  • Professional – Amateur.
  • Spectator Sports.
  • Olympic Sports.

What is classification in reading?

Updated October 30, 2019. In rhetoric and composition, classification is a method of paragraph or essay development in which a writer arranges people, objects, or ideas with shared characteristics into classes or groups.

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Why do cyclists say chapeau?

‘ Chapeau ‘ translates as ‘hat’ but it means far more. Used to indicate respect for a fellow cyclist’s efforts, achievement or endeavour Chapeau! is a spoken doffing of the cap. Respect and encouragement are qualities we admire in cyclists.

What is the queen stage in cycling?

Queen Stage: The hardest, most demanding stage of a stage race and is always in the high mountains. Italian is Il Tappone. Rainbow Jersey: The reigning world champion in a particular cycling event gets to wear a white jersey with rainbow stripes. The championships for most important events are held in the Fall.

What is the yellow jersey in cycling?

YELLOW: The maillot jaune, the yellow jersey, is the signature chemise of the Tour de France. It designates the overall leader of the race so far. When cyclists finish the three-week race by cruising through the streets of Paris, the photo of the yellow -shirted winner is seen around the globe.

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