Quick Answer: What Is Heat Cycling Tires?


Is heat cycling tires worth it?

Heat cycling actually makes Track & Competition DOT tread compounds more consistent in strength and more resistant to losing their strength the next time they are used. While it’s important to heat cycle tires, how it’s done isn’t as important.

How do I know if my tires are heat cycled?

If you see a bluish purple tinge to the rubber, especially on the edges they have been overheated and are toast. If they have been well looked after, but have done a lot of heat cycles, it can be hard to tell by just looking at them. You can get durometers that measure the hardness of the tire, which can be useful.

How do you break a tire in track?

The best progression would have the driver taking 4-7 laps to accomplish this break -in. Each lap should be approximately 7-10 seconds a lap faster than the previous lap. The goal is to have the tire temp as high as possible on the last lap without “shocking” the tire during the warm up laps.

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How do you scrub a race tire?

This consists of subjecting the tires through one gentle heat cycle, gradually loading them up whilst avoiding drifting the car. This should take about three to four laps of a circuit where the lap time is in the region of 60 to 100 seconds. The last lap should only be about 80% race speed.

Does Tire Rack do tire shaving?

Tire Rack does offer a tire shaving service to shave the rubber down to match the exisitng tires using a special machine.

What is a shaved tire?

The process removes tread rubber and reduces tire weight by several pounds. A shaved tire’s tread profile will usually result in a slight increase in the width of the tire’s contact patch, putting a little more rubber on the road.

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How long do new Tyres take to bed in?

Running In Your New Tyres To abrade the surface of the tyre and help it to achieve its optimal gripping and handling capabilities, you should drive gently for the first 150-200 miles after having your new tyres fitted. During this time, you should try to stick to dry roads and only drive at a medium speed.

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Do New Tyres need breaking in?

New tyres require a breaking -in, or wearing-in period. This can help to improve safety on the road and enhances the performance of your tyres. You should attempt breaking in your new tyres in before tackling day-to-day driving – as this will result in optimum levels of performance from your new tyres.

How long does it take for tires to break in?

The average tire break-in period is between 500 to 700 miles.

Is the Hoosier r7 street legal?

It is unsafe to operate any Hoosier Racing Tire, including DOT tires, on public roads. The prohibited use of Hoosier Racing Tires on public roadways may result in loss of traction, unexpected loss of vehicle control, or sudden loss of tire pressure, resulting in a vehicle crash and possible injury or death.

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