Question: Why Aren’t My Ewes Cycling?


How do I get my sheep to cycle?

Controlled lighting can be used to initiate estrus. Short-day breeders like sheep may be programmed to cycle if they are maintained in a light-tight building where the photoperiod is reduced gradually over an 8 to 12 week period. Rams should be exposed to the same light regiment to obtain high fertility.

How long after lambing will a ewe cycle?

As with ewes, the lambs from maiden ewes can be weaned around 14 weeks after the start of lambing. This will allow maiden ewes time to regain condition lost during lactation to allow successful joining next year.

How long does a ewe cycle for?

EWE OESTRUS Oestrus is the period, averaging 24 hours, when ewes will accept ram service. The average interval between oestrus cycles is 17 days.

What are four factors that affect sheep reproduction?

Management factors associated with artificial insemination in the ewe can modify fertility. In reproductive planning, intervals between lambings, season, age of ewe, heat stress, nutrition state or breed are some of the factors which have a great effect on fertility results. David et al.

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How can I increase my sheep fertility?

4 simple ways to improve ewe fertility

  1. Keep bodyweight in check. Healthy bodyweight is a crucial for healthy fertility.
  2. Scan during pregnancy. Scanning your sheep during pregnancy will tell you how many lambs the ewe is carrying, which will help you plan each ewe’s diet.
  3. Control disease.
  4. Keep the best flock.

Can a goat and sheep mate?

A sheep – goat hybrid (called a geep in popular media or sometimes a shoat) is the offspring of a sheep and a goat. While sheep and goats seem similar and can be mated, they belong to different genera in the subfamily Caprinae of the family Bovidae. The offspring of a sheep – goat pairing is generally stillborn.

How long should a ram stay with ewes?

Although vasectomised rams are often left in for a week (in for one week, out for one week, then introduce fertile rams is easily remembered), just two days’ exposure is sufficient and would allow their use in other groups of ewes consecutively.

How many ewes can a ram service in a day?

As a general rule, healthy sound Merino and British breed rams can be used at a rate of 1 ram: 100 ewes. This ratio can be modified to suit different conditions.

What age can a ewe get pregnant?

In Australia the most common age for first joining sheep is 18 months. In most seasons this allows time for ewes to reach acceptable liveweights before joining. It has also been the best time to bring maidens into the yearly program on properties where there is only one joining a year.

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What triggers the oestrus cycle in ewes?

The major environmental factor controlling the estrous cycle is the photoperiod. Decreasing photoperiod after the summer solstice causes secretion of melatonin, which triggers the hypothalamus to produce gonadotropin-releasing hormone.

Can I keep my ram with my ewes?

A well-grown ram lamb should be able to mate 15 to 30 ewes in a 34 day breeding season. Ram lambs should be fed separately from mature rams. Ram lambs and mature rams should never be run together in the same breeding group.

How often can a sheep get pregnant?

Ewes generally reach sexual maturity at six to eight months of age, and rams generally at four to six (ram lambs have occasionally been known to impregnate their mothers at two months). Sheep are seasonally polyoestrus animals. Ewes enter into oestrus cycles about every 17 days, which last for approximately 30 hours.

How long does a sheep stay pregnant?

The normal gestation period of ewes is approximately 147 days, ranging from 144 to 152 days. The medium-wool breeds and meat-type breeds ordinarily have a shorter gestation period than do the fine-wool breeds. High temperatures and high nutrition levels may shorten the gestation period two or three days.

Why is my sheep not pregnant?

Ewes may not conceive or maintain pregnancy because of the following: The synchronization program is not correct; eg, rams are joined too early with the ewes before they are in estrus, or too low a dose of eCG is given and ovulation does not occur. There is pathology of the reproductive tract.

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What is the most common breeding method for sheep?

Artificial insemination The speculum method of insemination is used for ewes and does. Generally artificial insemination leads to lower reproductive rate than natural service and frozen semen gives even much low pregnancy rate that is around 40%. Cervical insemination is generally followed for better conception rate.

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