How To Apply For A Cycling Tue?


How long does it take to get a TUE?

How long does it take to get a TUE? We request that athletes submit a TUE 30 days in advance of their planned use of any prohibited medication. Once a TUE application is received, USADA will respond within three business days whether the application is complete.

Under what circumstances can a TUE be issued?

Athletes can apply for a retroactive TUE if:

  • They needed emergency or urgent treatment for a medical condition, and they needed to take a medication that was a prohibited substance;
  • There was insufficient time, opportunity or an exceptional circumstance that prevented them from applying for a TUE before being tested;

What is a TUE in cycling?

A TUE is special permission to use a prohibited substance or method for a legitimate medical condition. Riders, like everyone else, may have illnesses or condition which requires a particular medication.

What is Therapeutic Use Exemption TUE )?

A therapeutic use exemption ( TUE ) permitting the use of such a substance or method that is on the prohibited list, may be granted to the player, depending to the clinical situation. There is no reasonable therapeutic alternative to the use of the otherwise prohibited substance or method.

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Which guidelines do Asada follow?

ASADA strongly advises athletes to check the status of any medication or substance prior to use, to avoid inadvertently using a prohibited substance: > ASADA Anti-Doping Hotline: 1800 020 506 > ASADA website: www. Athletes should review the status of all medications and substances each year.

Can you get a TUE for testosterone?

TUE will not be granted as a result of low free testosterone only. 1. Urine drug screens may be requested and organized by the ADO. Athletes who are already taking testosterone supplementation will need to stop the medication for a sufficient time-period to properly evaluate the need for testosterone.

What is a TUE?

A TUE is an exemption that allows an athlete to use, for therapeutic purposes only, an otherwise prohibited substance. Once a Therapeutic Use Exemption ( TUE ) has been approved, it is the responsibility of each athlete to renew their TUE upon expiry if necessary. 5

How often are athletes required to update their whereabouts information?

Athletes included in the RTP much complete their Whereabouts filing online and submit it by the 15th of the month ahead of each quarter. Athletes included in the CAP are subject to limited Whereabouts requirements and must file/ update a Whereabouts summary twice year.

Are beta blockers banned in the Olympics?

Beta blockers are prohibited only in certain sports because of their anti-tremor and, perhaps to a lesser degree, anti-anxiety effects. In 1985, the IOC-MC reacted by prohibiting beta blockers in sports in which performance might be enhanced.

How do you get a TUE?


  1. Step 1: Determine if a TUE is Needed.
  2. Step 2: Find your Condition.
  3. Step 3: Download the appropriate TUE application.
  4. Step 4: Complete the TUE application and collect medical documents.
  5. Step 5: Review your TUE application.
  6. Step 6: Submit COMPLETED application to USADA.
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What are TUE’s?

TUEs. Read More. A TUE is an exemption that allows an athlete to use, for therapeutic purposes only, an otherwise prohibited substance or method. They’re often used because athletes may have illnesses or conditions which means they need to take certain medications.

How do I access therapeutic use exemption?

You can apply using the Therapeutic Use Exemption application form. Check the medical evidence to common Therapeutic Use Exemption applications to see what specific medical information you need to provide. Send the completed form and supporting medical information to: Post: PO Box 1744, Fyshwick ACT 2609.

What are the criteria for granting therapeutic use exemption TUE )?

Criteria for granting a TUE: The Prohibited Substance or Prohibited Method in question is needed to treat an acute or chronic medical condition, such that the Athlete would experience a significant impairment to health if the Prohibited Substance or Prohibited Method were to be withheld (ISTUE Article 4.1(a).

What does therapeutic use mean?

therapeutic use means the attempt to cure, improve, mitigate, treat and/or prevent disease and/or other conditions in humans.

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