FAQ: Why Wear Cycling Cap?


What’s the purpose of a cycling cap?

The cycling cap is an essential piece of kit. It serves both form and function. It keeps the sweat or rain out of your eyes, it shields you from the low sun in the Spring and Autumn, it keeps your head warm, and last but not least, it’s part of the cyclist’s quirky look.

Should you wear a cycling cap?

Practical reasons for wearing a cap include keeping sweat off your brow, preventing rain from dripping down onto your face (thanks to the cotton liner), shielding your face from the sun (in the case that the sun is perfectly poised above you at high noon and the short brim can actually be of service), and to keep your

How tight should a cycling cap be?

Getting The Right Fit The cap should not be sitting high up on your head nor all the way down to your ears. It should sit slightly above your ears and have a small bit of loft above your head but not too much.

Can you wash cycling caps?

To keep them clean and to avoid fading colors hand wash the cap in max 30 deg max. Use mild soap, do not wring, iron or tuble dry your cycling cap from Molto. The cap will be a friend on many trips and races.

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What is a fondo cycling?

An endurance challenge for the masses, a fondo is a giant party on wheels where cyclists compete against the clock and each other. Much like a marathon, fondo participation can swell into the thousands. The size keeps spirits up making each event an epic group ride.

Do cycling caps help with sweat?

Cycling caps are very important especially when cycling during hot sunny days. The primary reason for using a cycling cap is that it helps to absorb sweat. It also prevents sweat or rain from dripping into your eyes when cycling. On the other hand, they add a layer of warmth, especially during cold days.

What is a cycling cap called?

La Casquette, the humble cycling cap, a simple invention designed to serve a practical purpose. Casquettes still serve today, when most cyclists wear helmets.

Do bike helmets matter?

Helmets can protect against specific head injuries, but they’re no substitute for safer streets and more mindful drivers. If you’ve ever ridden a bike without a helmet, you’ve likely run into helmet scolds. They’ll tell you at length why you should never ride without one, about the risks and dangers.

Can you wear a cycling cap backwards?

The cycling cap should never ever be worn backwards under the helmet, but if the sun is too shiny, if it is a hot day, you can do it just to protect your neck! If you don’t wear the helmet (this mean you are not riding) please wear it properly with perfect amount of luft and straight as an arrow.

Can you wear a hat under a helmet?

Helmets are meant to fit snugly against your skull without anything between your head and the helmet’s inner harness.” Your helmet should be level and cover your forehead. Use of a hat or visor under a helmet can push it higher on your head, exposing your brain in a fall.

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Do cycling caps keep you cool?

Cycling caps keep the sweat and rain out of your eyes. Cycling caps both keep your head warm in cool weather by retaining warmth and cool in warm weather via moisture wicking and breathability. These functions help to make cycling more comfortable and enjoyable and the cyclist more competitive.

Are cycle helmets compulsory UK?

What is the law? Despite the protection provided, helmet wearing isn’t a legal requirement in the UK. However riders are recommended to wear one by the Highway Code.

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