FAQ: Where To Buy Indoor Cycling Shoes?


What kind of shoes should I wear for indoor cycling?

If you’re looking for the best shoes for your indoor cycling bike, Peloton, NordicTrack or otherwise, these are them.

  • Venzo Men’s Cycling Shoes.
  • TIEM Slipstream Women’s Indoor Cycling Spin Shoe.
  • Nike SuperRep Indoor Cycling Shoe.
  • Gavin MTB Indoor Cycling Shoes.
  • Santic Cycling Shoes.
  • Shimano AM5 Mountain Biking Shoes.

Do you need shoes for indoor cycling?

Many indoor cycling and spin classes require that you either own, or rent, a pair of spin shoes so that you can properly clip into the equipment. This is what spin instructors mean when they say “clip in,” they mean to literally clip your shoes onto the pedal.

Do you need cycling shoes for stationary bike?

Once you have the exercise bike, there’s really only one other piece of gear that’s crucial to an effective workout: A pair of cycling shoes. And while regular sneakers are an adequate choice, clip-in cycling shoes can take your workout to the next level.

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Are indoor and outdoor cycling shoes the same?

What is an indoor and an outdoor cycling shoe? Indoor cycling shoes are crafted to fulfill indoor cycling demands and connect to the specific pedals used. In contrast, outdoor cycling shoes are designed to accommodate riders based on the environmental factors, and potential terrain riders might encounter.

Are cycle shoes worth it?

But since cycling shoes lock into place (or, in cycling speak, “clip in”), they don’t slip around, which means you’re more likely to stay aligned—and can better avoid ankle, knee, and hip injuries, says Buschert. Another advantage of clipping in is that it keeps your feet more comfortable, says Buschert.

Will peloton shoes work at SoulCycle?

Actually, there has never been a more compatible pair, with both shoes using Look Delta and SPD-SL shoe cleat systems. Therefore, SoulCycle shoes are compatible with the peloton, hence interchangeable with the peloton shoes.

Can you ride an exercise bike barefoot?

Most riders, whether it’s road or mountain biking, tend to use clipless pedals. Regardless of your reasons, 99% of these riders will advise you to not barefoot cycle on mountain bike trails, or during serious road biking excursions.

Can you ride a peloton with regular shoes?

You need special shoes to ride. The pedals are compatible with LOOK Delta cleats. If you buy your shoes from Peloton, that’ll cost you another $125. You can wear your own sneakers instead, but the company’s website recommends attaching toe cages to the pedals if you want to do that.

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How long do indoor cycling shoes last?

Replacing cycling shoes every few years will probably work, says Eric Doyne, a spokesperson for Shimano cycling equipment. After all, your cycling shoes are practically impossible to walk in, meaning their super-stiff soles get very little wear. The big, triangle cleats, however, wear out faster.

What is the difference between SPD and SPD SL?

SPD stands for Shimano Pedalling Dynamics, with the SL standing for SuperLight. That gives a clue as to the intended use of the systems. SPD has become more-or-less a synonym for mountain bike pedals, while SPD – SL is mainly used for road cycling – that’s where the reduced weight comes in.

Can indoor cycling shoes be worn outside?

Cycling shoes, for outdoor riding, will usually feature a specialized cleat and pedal system, which does not inhibit one’s ability to walk normally in the shoe. Some road cycling and racing shoes will be acceptable for indoor uses, but indoor cycling shoes are not generally intended for outdoor use.

When should I replace my indoor cycling shoes?

Speedplay recommends replacing your cleats every 3,000 to 5,000 miles, but as mentioned, it depends on your riding style, conditions and how much you walk around in them.

Can you wear cycle shoes outside?

The Slipstream is our cycling shoe, compatible with an SPD cleat it’s built to clip into a bike. The SPD cleat is compatible with studios such as SoulCycle, CycleBar, Equinox, and many more. It will also work with many outdoor bikes as well.

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