FAQ: What Is Keirin Track Cycling?


How do you play keirin?

The keirin is an 8 lap race and is defined by its unusual start. Riders sit behind a derny — which is electric these days, but used to be gas powered — for the first 5.5 laps. The derny slowly brings them up to speed, about 45kph for the women and 50kph for the men, before releasing them for the final 2.5 laps.

What does NJS certified mean?

NJS only means that it’s been approved by the Nihon Jitensha Shinkokai or the japanese keirin association.

What events are in the omnium?

The Omnium is made up of 4 bunch events raced on the same day: scratch race, tempo race, elimination and points race. The final classification is established as follows: the points accumulated by the riders over the first 3 events, on the basis of the points scale in force, are added up.

What is Derny cycling?

The solitary biker who leads the procession of Olympic cyclists in the keirin event is known as the derny after the type of motorised bicycle he rides. He sits bolt upright at the back of his machine to create a slipstream for the cyclists behind him to ride in.

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What’s the point of keirin?

Keirin (競輪 / ケイリン, [keːɾiɴ]) – literally “racing cycle” – is a form of motor-paced cycle racing in which track cyclists sprint for victory following a speed-controlled start behind a motorized or non-motorized pacer.

What gear ratios do track cyclists use?

Generally, track cyclists will use cog ranges between 12 and 16, and chain rings between 44 and 60 to achieve gear combinations for both warm ups (for example: 48 x 16 = 81″) and bigger gear efforts ranging between 94″ and 130″.

What does NJS stand for?


Acronym Definition
NJS New Judging System (aka International Skating Union Judging System and Code of Points)
NJS Nihon Jitensha Shinkokai (Japanese: Japan Bicycle Promotion Association)
NJS New Jersey Solidarity (political group)
NJS National JTPA (Job Training Partnership Act) Study

What does the name keirin mean?

2 people from India agree the name Keirin is of Irish origin and means “Colour”.

How fast do track cyclists go?

The maximum speed for experienced and extremely well-trained cyclists can reach up to 20-22 mph. Velodromes push these limits to the extreme with maximum speeds of nearly 60-70 miles per hour based on a velodrome’s shape and structure.

Is track cycling in the Olympics?

With the exception of the 1912 Olympics, track cycling has been featured in every modern Olympic Games. Women’s track cycling events were first included in the modern Olympics in 1988.

What are the Olympic cycling events?

There are six track cycling events contested at the Olympic Games: the keirin, Madison (new to the Olympic program), omnium, team pursuit, individual sprints and team sprint.

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What is the Motorised bike called in cycling?

A Derny is a motorized bicycle for motor -paced cycling events such as during six-day and Keirin racing and motor -paced road races.

Which event is run with four riders who work together to achieve the fastest time?

The track cycling Team Pursuit is run with teams of four riders who work together to achieve the fastest time. The competition begins with a 4 -kilometer (16- lap ) qualifying round.

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