FAQ: How Can I Track My Indoor Cycling Distance?


Can you track your distance on a stationary bike?

Most racers I know use some sort of smartphone app like Strava app track rides as do I but Strava doesn’t have a way to accurately track stationary bike rides as it relies on GPS for speed and distance. You can ‘t collect that data if you’re sitting on a stationary bike!

How do I track my stationary bike?

Creating a Stationary Ride

  1. Use your Ride with GPS app, Garmin, or Wahoo unit to record your indoor ride and then be able to review your distance, speed, heart rate, cadence and/or power data.
  2. Click the checkbox for “ Stationary Ride?”.
  3. Now the ride will count towards your totals, and will display your indoor metrics.

Can strava track indoor cycling?

Recording with the Strava Mobile App On the mobile app, is it not currently possible to record indoor runs, indoor rides, or measure distance using a pedometer or other sensors. However, you can record indoor runs with the Strava Apple Watch App using your watch’s pedometer to measure distance.

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Can FitBit track indoor cycling?

Fitbit cannot automatically track indoor cycling. So even if you are sweating profusely while you spin your bike’s pedals, the device will not be able to automatically detect that you are biking. You can still, however, use FitBit to measure your heart rate and calories burned while working out.

How long does it take to ride a stationary bike 1 mile?

If your speed is 10 miles per hour, then you need to divide 60 by 10 to find out how many minutes it would take you to cycle a single mile. Sixty divided by 10 equals 6. This essentially means that you need six minutes to cycle a single mile, if you’re going at a speed of 10 miles per hour.

What is a good distance on an exercise bike?

According to IndoorCyclingMixes.com, one hour of robust exercise on a stationary bike will take you are as far as 20 miles (10 miles for 30 minutes). If you’re cycling on a hill (with your bike resistance turned up), you’ll obviously have a lower RPM than if you’re sprinting on flat road (with low resistance).

What is the best free indoor cycling app?

Top 10 Free and Paid Indoor Cycling Apps for 2019

  • Zwift is the most popular indoor cycling app for cyclists.
  • Rouvy is probably the most underrated cycling app out there.
  • FulGaz offers a big library of High Definition routes.
  • TrainerRoad offers a huge library of power based cycling workouts and triathlon plans.

How many miles can you bike in 30 minutes?

A 30 – minute bike ride is how many miles? If you are biking at a slow to moderate pace of 12 miles per hour, you will ride six miles in 30 minutes. A five- mile ride will take you only 25 minutes, just under the minimum recommendation of 30 minutes per day.

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What is the best indoor cycle trainer?

The 11 Best Indoor Cycling Trainers

  • Best Travel Companion. Omnium Over-Drive. biketiresdirect.com. $430.00.
  • Best Value Direct-Drive. Elite Suito. competitivecyclist.com. $679.99.
  • The Gold Standard. Wahoo Kickr. wahoofitness.com. $1,199.99.
  • Most Freedom To Move. Kinetic R1. wiggle.com.
  • Quietest Direct-Drive. TacX Neo 2T. amazon.com.

What is the best app for spinning?

Peloton has millions of subscribers, and for good reason. The app also includes a variety of stats, so you can track your input, output, and overall workout results. Stay motivated through every ride. (iOS, Android, free with in- app purchases).

Which is the best indoor cycling app?

  • TrainerRoad. No fluff app with a massive catalogue of workout.
  • The Sufferfest. The all-in-one training suite.
  • FulGaz. Physics-modelled, immersive, real rides.
  • Rouvy. The app with a bit of everything to offer, without the price tag.
  • RGT Cycling (Road Grand Tours) It’s like Gran Turismo for your smart trainer.
  • BKool.
  • Peloton.

Does cycling count as steps?

A general rule of thumb is a moderate intensity biking for one hour is equivalent to 10,000 steps. You may notice that this method provides a fairly low number of steps compared to the 1st method where biking for one hour bicycle ride with an average speed of 10mph is equivalent to 21,000 steps.

Does fitbit 3 track cycling?

The Fitbit Charge 3 is great for cycling and so much more. With its built-in exercises modes, SmartTrack exercise detection, and heart monitor, the Fitbit Charge 3 is the perfect fitness tracker companion for cycling, whether it’s on the trail or in a spin class.

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